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  • Data Design System DDS CAD 7.2

    Data Design System DDS CAD 7.2

    Data Design System DDS CAD 7.2 Multilanguage | 1 GB

    DDS-CAD can give you that competitive edge, by improving productivity, increasing accuracy and reducing risks. Produce construction documents directly from your design environment, and shorten design times with features that automatically generate these documents from the design model. Integrated calculations means that you can ensure that the design intent is reflected in the completed documentation; while sophisticated links with manufacturing, estimating and costing software streamlines the process of manufacture, project cost modelling and control. In short, it is the most complete solution available today.

    The most advanced tool available

    DDS-CAD is a suite of complimentary solutions for the construction industry. Available separately or as a single integrated products, DDS-CAD is the most advanced suite of tools available on the market today.

    Collaborate Effectively with your Design Team Partners

    Reduce coordination errors between electrical, HVAC, and plumbing engineering designers and with architects, structural engineers and others within a buildingSMART workflow. Minimise site information requests and expensive field design changes by working with more accurate construction documents. Collaborate using proven buildingSMART (IFC) technology.

    Photovoltaic and Solar Energy with DDS-CAD

    Solar energy and heating specialists who have traditionally developed 2D drawings for their customers quickly realise the limitations of this style of working. When it comes to shading and other structural disruptions, 2D drawings are an inappropriate tool for accurate evaluation and confguration. To provide a comprehensive basis for the decision for the optimal placement of collectors/photovoltaic modules, a professional tool with excellent visualization options is necessary.

    With DDS-CADs and the possibilities of the DDS Advanced of Rendering module them such a tool is available.

    Languages: English, German.


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